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Load Cell The Development Of Technology
Edit: Hanzhong Quanyuan Electronic Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 31, 2017

Digital weighing sensor is a digital weighing instrument, Load Cell in the industrial, chemical, machine tools, electronics, electricity, petroleum, medicine, scientific research and other fields have a certain application. With the development of digital load cell technology, Load Cell digital load cell technology has been greatly improved, in the weighing technology has been cut a striking figure.

Digital truck scale because of the use of digital weighing technology, constitute the way with the traditional simulation truck scale there is a big difference. First of all, Load Cell digital truck scale instrument (or computer) and the interface between the sensor is a digital communication interface (usually RS485 communication), Load Cell the instrument directly receives the sensor sent the digital signal, Load Cell the transmission line length up to 1200m. While the interface between ordinary analog car scale meters and sensors is an analog interface. Load Cell The instrument first receives the sensor's analog signal, and then its A / D conversion before further processing, transmission distance is generally (20 ~ 30) m. Second, because the digital truck scale is received by the digital signal, Load Cell adjust the angle difference directly in the instrument through the software to deal with, Load Cell rather than analog car scale, Load Cell the need to adjust the junction box potentiometer to achieve the purpose of adjusting the angle difference The These obvious differences determine the number of digital truck scales in the installation and commissioning there are many superior to the analog car scale place, in the installation and use of more convenient.

Digital sensor system is based on the traditional resistance strain sensor, Load Cell combined with modern microelectronics technology, microcomputer technology integration and developed a new type of electronic weighing technology. It consists of analog sensors (resistance strain type) and digital conversion module composed of two parts. The digital module is made of highly integrated electronic circuit and is made of SMT surface mount technology, including amplifiers, A / D converters, microprocessors (CPUs), memory, interface circuits (RS485) and digital temperature sensors.

Digital sensor with integrated A / D conversion circuit, digital signal transmission and digital filtering technology, the sensor signal transmission distance, Load Cell up to 1200m, anti-interference ability, digital sensor analog signal transmission distance is very short, while The sensor housing (elastomer) itself is a good shield, only these two characteristics to determine the advantages of its anti-jamming capability, Load Cell to a large extent improve the stability of the sensor.

Good confidentiality, with anti-cheating function, Load Cell can effectively prevent the remote control cheat, once found will automatically take the error alarm, effectively protect the data security and accuracy. The use of analog sensor truck scale is the case of the installation of cheating device is more common, Shouqin company around a few companies have simulated truck scale almost all installed cheating, Load Cell resulting in a lot of economic losses. As the cheat itself is small, coupled with the installation is extremely simple, Load Cell it is not easy to be found, to the measurement data security caused a great hidden dangers

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